#4000 lives

Client: Association of Patients with Colon and Liver Cancer, Merck, Rosch, Inpharm, Amicus

If the screening program is implemented in Serbia and targeted therapy is introduced in the first phase of colorectal cancer treatment, we could save more than 4,000 lives each year. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of death in Serbia among malignancies, with more and more victims among young people.

In the campaign, we used traditional media, social networks and influencers. Additional animation, testimonials with patients and educational videos with doctors were created for the campaign. In addition to the classic press conferences, as  special events, a symbolic hanging of 4,000 blue ribbons on a tree at the Kalemegdan fort, and a 4,000-meter bicycle ride for # 4,000 lives in the center of Belgrade were realized.


Area: Raising Awareness