Our portfolio of services is diverse, from building corporate brands through raising awareness campaigns to animations and podcasts.


Field of work where the primary goal is the advancement or protection of an organization’s corporate goals, corporate brand or reputation. Typically this is where we are working to raise the profile of the corporate brand, protect its reputation or shape perceptions of the corporation amongst stakeholders, or otherwise advance its corporate goals, with the aim of improving its ability to operate successfully in the market it chooses.


All work we carry out for clients, relating to the planning of the ongoing content and publishing strategy. Strategy creation for the content placement includes type and frequency of content and the planning of the placement of that content across the earned, owned, bought and shared media spaces. It also includes the production of all content associated with the program.


Within the field of creative communications we are helping companies and other organizations to define and articulate their brand or company, its positioning and messaging and communicating that brand through the use of a campaign. The campaign could be through print and online advertising, multimedia and other services including events and experiential.


Service includes prevention and crisis communication management from crisis platforms preparation including crisis manuals, handbooks and workshops, through first responses and advisory on crisis communication to evaluation process once the crisis is over.

Crisis communication management includes planning and reactive communication with media, and with all other key stakeholder groups, definitions of internal crisis communication procedures, press clipping monitoring and reporting, messages preparation and briefings with clients.


This segment includes communication consultancy work with the government and decision makers relevant for the company, organization and/or industry on legislations and regulations. Assignments where the sole or primary target is a political audience.

Activities in this segment include analysis of the political landscape, government relations, media strategy and relations, grassroots, etc.


Research and evaluations are usually conducted to support communications strategy or demonstrate communications effectiveness. This segment includes primary and secondary research, as well as data analytics.


In this framework of internal communications we help clients in communicating transformative changes (such as M&A and new business models) or supporting them with ongoing projects (such as brand activations).


Implies projects that are internet only, including strategies development, social media monitoring and online community management, websites and microsite development, mobile applications. In many projects, digital is sub-core service (such as in media campaigns etc).


Work for clients where we communicate to the financial community or media. This segment encompasses investor relations, sustainability, communications in conjunction with mergers and acquisitions, privatizations, annual reports, and financial services marketing.


Communications projects which are support of the marketing of goods or services to the end consumer (either directly or via multiple channels) involving both strategic and/or tactical communication activities. The field includes influencer marketing, content generation, experiential activities, product launches or repositioning, media relations and partnerships. The primary goal for the assignment is to sell our client’s products and services. It may include elements of corporate branding and communications campaigns where the primary goal is sales performance.


Encompasses publishing of content for clients including the planning and media placement in any environment (print, online, broadcast). This segment includes preparation of the publishing strategy, creation of news and monitoring. Activities relates to on and off line media, influencer management, media buying, platform partnership programs in order to publish and manage the content in the most effective way possible.


We are engaged on projects of creation and realization of media trainings, crisis communication trainings, workshops and simulations, and presentation skills and public appearance trainings.

Media trainings could be individual or team based, and are focused on practical approach including exercises in front of the camera, body language, messaging and answering the journalists’ questions. Theoretical part includes media landscape and strategic approach to communications.